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SantaGiulia Academy has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 28th June 2007

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Santagiulia Academy of Fine Arts

The Santagiulia Academy of Fine Arts offers an unusual, vast, complete, educational program which is highly innovative as far as context and teaching methodology, thanks to a dynamic and professional staff. The location covers a 4,000 square meter area equipped with technically avant-garde laboratories.

In addition to the successfully tested Courses offered that range from Painting to Scenography/Set Design, from Decoration to Web Design, and Painting Restoration, starting this school year, according to the norms of the Ministry of Education, there will be new subjects taught such as Digital Video, Jewellery Restoration, Philosophy of Theatre, Semantics of Design, History of Media and Video Installation.

The teaching staff is made up of experts operating in their respective areas. These professionals offer students invaluable knowledge, experience and opportunities, putting them in direct contact with the highest professional level right from the beginning of their courses.

The close collaboration with the city Museums and with the university where many projects are presently running, as well as the synergy with exponents from the cultural and entrepreneurial world, guarantee for a well varied, exciting, high level, educational experience.
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