SantaGiulia Academy is an educational institute of the new high Music and Artistic Formation (AFAM) under the instructions of the Italian Education University and Research Ministry. It has been one of the first Italian institution to have actively implemented the Italian laws in education (D.M. 03/07/2009 n. 89 and D.M. 30/03/2009 n. 123) which have radically changed the university system.

SantaGiulia Academy distinguishes itself because it focuses on students professional possibilities, directing the attention on a careful and solid technical-artistic preparation, to the new digital technologies. It’s animated by a continuous and profitable interaction with the territory. The academy wants to give more value to will-power skilful and resourceful students, in order to give them the possibility to work in positions of responsibility connected to the nowadays strictly connected to technological innovation new artistic works profiles. For these purposes, SantaGiulia Academy has developed a strict net of collaborations that have put it in direct connection with the labour market for the artistic design, events and expositions. Thanks to partnerships with public and private bodies, students have often the possibility to operate outside the academic spaces, directly working with municipalities, museums, arts galleries, fairs and many companies, developing since their academic formation, a  really and well structured professional experience. The report teacher-student is 1:4.

SantaGiulia Academy offers more than 260 courses, that go through all the artistic and design ambits, from the interior design, to the digital cultures, from the web design to the virtual setting. Teachers are young and dynamics, well famous professional figures able to offer to the students an inestimable heritage of knowledges and experience and to put them in contact, immediately and at a very high level, with the national and international labour market.

The first and second level courses activated in SantaGiulia’s academy, refer to 9 set schools:

  • Graphics
  • Decoration – Interior Design
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Scenic and Set Design
  • Restoration
  • Web and communication
  • New arts technologies
  • Museum Art Didactics


SantaGiulia Academy is positioned in the very heart of the city. Its building, is distributed on 7.000 squares meters, with classrooms, laboratories and high tecnologies equipments, wired with the optical fiber and with free wireless system for students and teachers. 

Institutional Agreements for the development of the different formative professionalism, have been subscribed with the following institutions:

  • Comune di Brescia, Assessorato all’istruzione
  • Comune di Brescia (progetto "AliMENTArsi – Impariamo, mangiando” Expo 2015)
  • Associazione Industriale Bresciana
  • Editoriale Bresciana s.p.a
  • Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Castilla y León – Valladolid (ES)
  • Ufficio Scolastico Provinciale di Brescia
  • Ufficio Scolastico per la Lombardia
  • Spedali Civili di Brescia
  • Comune di Lograto
  • Comune di Montirone
  • Comune di Preseglie
  • Comune di Flero
  • Comune di Corzano
  • Comune di Bione
  • Comune di Pralboino
  • Comune di Gottolengo
  • Comune di Rovato
  • Fondazione Bresciana Iniziative Sociali ONLUS
  • Comune di Botticino
  • Compagnia Lyria
  • Casa Circondariale di Brescia “Canton Mombello”
  • Soprintendenza per i beni architettonici e paesaggistici per province di Brescia, Cremona e Mantova
  • Ditta iTown LAB di Massimiliano Xausa