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Career opportunities

creative web specialist, web designer, net manager, brand designer Graduates in second level web creative specialist course, will have an update technical-practical training of methods and contents referred to the web design, the online advertising communication, the design of opened informatics systems; he/she also will possess methodological and critical instruments referred to the acquisition of expressive languages competences and their most update technologies and techniques; beyond his/her mother tongue, he/she will fluently speak one of the European Language, both for the ambit competences and for the general exchange of information; he/she will also know the informatics instruments and the telematics communication for the specific working areas. The outgoing professional figure is an expert in digital web communication, mastering both the informatics and graphics- artistic techniques (creative suite, rendering 3D, telematics platforms, web design, SEO, net-communication, social-media-marketing) finalized to design and realize the coordinate image and different kind of online communication.

Aimes of the course

The course aims to elaborate and diffuse a technological and multimedia culture that contributes to define new professional profiles, in order to settle the artist creative and communicative attitude with the technological innovation, combined between the competence to promote new ways to access to the symbolic element of the items, new lifestyles and new sustainable consumption models and the competence to realize telematics portals, e-commerce systems, opened systems, net-marketing policies to promote and give value the Made in Italy economics system.

  • Brand Design (PA Biennium) (6 CFA)
  • Digital animation techniques I (3D animation) (8 CFA)
  • Web Design (OOP and MVC) (8 CFA)
  • Use of softwares for the web (OS Project) (4 CFA)
  • Video editing I (basics) (6 CFA)
  • Elements of Journalistic communication I (copy writing web) (4 CFA)
  • Multimedia Graphics (Flash) (6 CFA)
  • Information and digital communication rights (4 CFA)
  • Art Direction (biennium PA) (8 CFA)
  • English III (6 CFA)


Barboglio Giovanni
alberto_biffi_square.jpg Biffi Alberto
Bonisoli per sito.jpg Bonisoli Roberto
Codebue.jpg Codebue Fabio
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