25/07/2016 - 'Symposium of stone sculpture' to the City of Uggiano La Chiesa (Lecce, IT)

It will be from July 25th to August 7th 2016 the "SCULPTURE SYMPOSIUM" organized in the city of Uggiano la Chiesa, Lecce.

Thanks to the collaboration and assistance of the City of Uggiano, in particular to the Councillor of Cultural Affairs Anna Santo, as well as to the support of Prof. Fernando Caputo, it was possible to organize the "Sculpture Symposium in tufa stone": a creative open air workshop in which five Accademia SantaGiulia's sculptors, followed by Professor Agostino Ghilardi, will create their works before the eyes of the citizens of Uggiano.

Thirteen days of July and August devoted to art, from morning till night, on the main topics of the city tradition. Then the works will be placed in the urban center of the town.

We thank the Mayor, the City Council and in particular Prof. Fernando Caputo for the welcome and hospitality.

Source: SantaGiulia Fine Arts Academy