17/12/2016 - Walking between the stars

The sculptural group of five star is ably achieved by teacher Agostino Ghilardi, Professor of Sculpture at SantaGiulia Academy of Fine Arts.

The sophistication of the modeling in the features of the faces gives the works an ancestral value, dips them in a timeless dimension according to the artistic sensibility of an artist who draws its creative energy by drawing on the collective memory and becomes an intermediary between man and the spell of creation.
The link between the works and the constellation is underlined by some particular choices made in the path of creation; the statues rest on supports of different heights that emphasize a concept of space necessarily unequal in imitation of reality and accentuate the vertical movement of the viewer's gaze upwards to the sky.
The movement of the constellation is evident from the series of membranes that cover the statues whose draperies clearly show the wind direction explaining the similarity between the immutability of the heavens and the art eternity. The formal creation of massive terracotta ingobbiate, silent and mysterious plastic presences almost metaphysical, is full of poetic suggestions suitable to rule a merger in the unity of the whole of heaven, man and earth.

The statues will remain on display in the Old Cathedral in Brescia from mid-December 2016 to mid-January 2017.

We thank the President of the initiative ART'È CHRISTMAS Luca Pezzoli and his staff for welcoming us at the show and for his sensibility.

Source: SantaGiulia Fine Arts Academy
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