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Web and Communication for Business

Web designer, net manager, brand designer

Characteristics of the course of study

The educational objective of the Course is to assure to elaborate and diffuse a multimedia and technological culture that may contribute in defining new professional profiles reaching towards uniting the creative and communicative attitude of the artist with the technological innovation, on one hand, as the ability to promote new access modes to the symbolic component of the goods, new life styles and new sustainable models of use, on the other hand, as the ability to produce data communication portals, e-commerce systems, collaborative systems, net-marketing policies that lean towards promoting and enhancing the economic system of the made in Italy.

I Year

  • Advertising Communication (6 CFA)
  • Digital image processing (Photoshop I) (6 CFA)
  • Media phenomenology (6 CFA)
  • Fundamentals of computer science (4 CFA)
  • Photography (6 CFA)
  • Graphic Design I (3 CFA)
  • English (4 CFA)
  • Graphic Design (Lettering) (6 CFA)
  • Design history (4 CFA)
  • Technology and digital applications (Illustrator) (6 CFA)
  • Web Design I (8 CFA)

II Year

  • Art Direction I (4 CFA)
  • Computer Graphic (Indesign) (5 CFA)
  • Advertising Communication II (4 CFA)
  • Copy writing (6 CFA)
  • Digital Video (6 CFA)
  • Digital image processing (Photoshop II) (5 CFA)
  • Photography II (4 CFA)
  • Advanced English (4 CFA)
  • Net Marketing I (SEO Positioning) (4 CFA)
  • Psycho-sociology of cultural consumption (4 CFA)
  • Use of softwares for the web (mySQL) (6 CFA)
  • Web Design II (web-javascript) (8 CFA)

III Year

  • Art Direction II (3 CFA)
  • Elements of journalistic communication (Copy writing II) (6 CFA)
  • Communication ethics (4 CFA)
  • Interaction design (Web) (6 CFA)
  • Logic and business organization (6 CFA)
  • Net Art (4 CFA)
  • Net Marketing II (4 CFA)
  • Multimedia Design (8 CFA)
  • Web Design III (PHP, MySQL) (8 CFA)
  • Work placement activity (6 CFA)
  • Final test (6 CFA)


Job perspectives

web designer, net manager, brand designer

The outgoing professional figure is a digital web communication professional mastering all the informatics techniques, together with the graphic-artistic one (creative suite, operating system, web design, SEO, net-communication, social-media- marketing etc.) finalized to project and realize the coordinate image and the online communication of different kind; the graduate is also able to manage the institutional communication processes both on the symbolic value of the services, products and consumption goods, than on the above and below the line fields.

Image Gallery

Camillo Frigeni participates “Walk – through” Exhibition at Vilnius Fine Arts Academy 21/11/19

Camillo Frigeni participates “Walk – through” Exhibition at Vilnius Fine Arts Academy

During Erasmus + for studies mobility experience, the student Camillo Frigeni, enrolled in the III year of the Web and Business Communication course, will participate at “Walk-through” exhibition organized by the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts which involves  Erasmus students welcomed by the Lithuania...
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