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Art Communication and Didactics

Museum education expert, designer of artistic communication, support to curator of exhibitions and events, head of communication of the cultural event

Characteristics of the course of study

The second level diploma in art communication and didactics, aims to increase the knowledges and skills already achieved during the first level course in didactics, with the purpose to acquire a broader and more established cultural vision, according to a planning ability in situations that are faced with continuous social-cultural changes. This planning ability focuses itself on the communication strategies for the art product, routing the audience to fully grasp the dense symbolic value and the complex critique ambit of the works of art. Thus expanding on one hand, the knowledge of the local complex museum world, aiming at enhancing specific cultural identities and acquiring, on the other hand, the work method to move oneself in the international level within the articulated "Art System" (galleries, auctions, private collections, foundations, etc.).

I Year

  • Art Anthropology (6 CFA)
  • Archive Cataloguing and Organizing (6 CFA)
  • Teaching of artistic languages (10 CFA)
  • Multimedia didactics (10 CFA)
  • Design methods of visual communication (12 CFA)
  • Multimedia Design (10 CFA)
  • Art Management (6 CFA) *

II Year

  • Didactics for the museum (10 CFA)
  • Multimediality for cultural heritage (10 CFA)
  • Museology of contemporary arts (10 CFA)
  • History and methodology of art criticism (6 CFA)
  • Education technologies (6 CFA)
  • Choice course (6 CFA)
  • Thesis (12 CFA)


Job perspectives

museum education expert, designer of artistic communication, support to curator of exhibitions and events, head of communication of the cultural event

The outgoing professional figure is an expert in the museum didactics and communication designer with a particular attention to the usage of multimedia technologies. This expert is able to create, plan and coordinate museum didactics paths, private and public artistic and cultural events. He/She is also able to realize and coordinate didactics laboratories also using multimedia resources. Graduated students, will be able to work in professional activities in different ambits (both public and private) as experts able to operate independently, with a specific attention to the communication aspects, in different cultural heritage ambits, both for the curatorship of artistic events or in the organization of local nets or museum systems.


Image Gallery

Donald Martiny meets our students 16/12/19

Donald Martiny meets our students

On Monday 16th December, at 2.30 pm, during the lessons of Prof. Matteo Galbiati and Arthur Duff, the students of the Second Level Degree in Art Communication and Didactics and Contemporary Visual Arts will meet the American artist Donal Martiny. Guest at the SantaGiulia Academy of Fine Art to talk ...

Valentina Rossi guest at the Academy SantaGiulia 13/12/19

Valentina Rossi guest at the Academy SantaGiulia

Valentina Rossi is a esearcher in the exhibition and curatorial field and writer of the book published "Tate Modern. Exhibition Practices" Valentina Rossi, PhD in History of Art and Performing Arts at the University of Parma (Italy), independent and historical art curator, will be a guest Friday 13...

Mr Mov 2 09/03/19

Mr Mov 2

MR MOV 2 - video art festival will take place in Brescia at C.AR.M.E space on Saturday 9th March 2019 from 7 PM. The festival, dedicated to video art, was born in 2017 under the second degree of Art Communication and Didactics in SantaGiulia Fine Arts Academy. Come to its second edition, MR MOV 2 w...
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