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Foppa Group 2016-2017 Mission Report

Identity, strategy, activities carried out and the results achieved

Foppa Group

On the evening of 7th February 2018, was presented the Foppa Group 2016-2017 Mission Report. Foppa Group, for the occasion, wanted to organize an evening of meeting and sharing with the institutions and companies which it collaborates, on end of achieving their goals and values.

The Mission Report aims to express the identity, the strategy, the activities carried out and the results achieved by the various managed and affiliated Institutions of the Foppa Group.

Special thanks to many people who participated in this moment of sharing and who, together with those who work and work internally within the Foppa Group, contribute to supporting our activities and fostering their growth.

Download the budget here

Read the article of the Giornale di Brescia of 8 February 2018



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