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School-work alternation: from the Foppa High School to the SantaGiulia Academy

Vocational Service

Hdemia SantaGiulia since January 15 is ready to welcome six students of the Liceo Artistico Foppa di Brescia, offering the possibility of creating a path of alternating school-work.

Pedagogical aims of the project
The first aim of the project is to make the student in training overcome the dichotomy between knowing and doing in order to respond to the constant need for a new knowledge that exceeds that separation of knowledge typical of our age. At the same time and at the educational level, the students' experience must be able to educate the same educators to the complexity, to the reciprocity of the processes of "thinking" and "doing".
The second purpose is the sharing not only of spaces but also of methodologies, applications and project developments. It is in fact indisputable that young people want to work with their peers, in working groups; they want to make decisions and be involved in controlling the execution; they want to be connected to their peers to express and share their opinions, in class and outside the school; they want to cooperate and compete with others; in short, they want education to be linked to reality.

The expected outcomes
Through the work of the tutors assigned to the activity, precise results are expected:
- the right distribution and distribution of the hours foreseen for the various activities over time;
- the development of the skills required with the contribution of the companies involved;

The path of alternation between school and work will be realized through the activities and the teaching courses, based on laboratory teaching, analysis and problem solving, project work. This part is managed by the internal tutor of the course which, in fact, includes the students in training at the Liceo Foppa, in working groups of the Academy and of the Interior Design courses of different years. Students will then be oriented to the management of processes in organized contexts and to the use of specific models and languages ​​favoring an organic connection with the academic world and the world of work and professions. Final assessment tests were also identified with the presentation of the final projects to the clients.

The actors involved
- Educational Services for the co-design and coordination of the Foppa and Hdemia SantaGiulia Liceo Artistico;
- Six students of class 4 at the Architecture and Environment address of the Liceo Artistico Foppa, coordinated by Prof. Stefano Abastanotti and Graziano Ferriani;
- Thirty-two students of Interior Architecture II of the Santa Giulia Hemiemia, coordinated by Prof. Alberto Mezzana;
- The d & sign srl of Fabio Antonuzzi, a company specialized in the design and production of jewelry and optics stores, furniture, supplies, displays and cases for jewelery and optics;
- Gold Dimension 2 by Paolino Irene, Jewelry in Brescia;
- The Educational Center and School S. Paola Elisabetta Cerioli of Orzinuovi (Bs).



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