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Art and New technologies

Digital artist, game or sound designer

Characteristics of the course of study

The educational objective of the Course is to ensure multimedia skills and knowledges for using technological devices that are at the base of the new communication systems, in which the digital matrix triggers new intersections between the different information supports. Special attention is put into programming and managing digital media, aiming at the management of the user interface in view of the development of interactive systems and the experimenting of new virtual realities spendable within the audio-video installation context, in the virtualization of museum spaces and videogame designing and producing. The Course therefore, aims to teach how to manage digital new media whether for commercial use, or for the use of these new technological devices that point to the unavoidable respect for the values that make up the human being, towards the virtuous increment of the expression and communication parameters of man.

I Year

  • Computer Graphic (Photoshop and Illustrator base) (NT1) (5 CFA)
  • Digital cultures (6 CFA)
  • Digital video I (5 CFA)
  • Fundamentals of computer science (4 CFA)
  • Photography (6 CFA)
  • English (4 CFA)
  • Net Art (4 CFA)
  • Virtual realities and paradigms of complexity (4 CFA)
  • New media history and theory (6 CFA)
  • Theory and analysis of the cinema and the audiovisual (6 CFA)
  • 3D digital modeling techniques I (Maya) (6 CFA)
  • Web Design (4 CFA)

II Year

  • Virtual architecture (6 CFA) *
  • Computer Games I (Unity I) (6 CFA)
  • Multimedia communication (6 CFA)
  • Digital Video II (6 CFA)
  • Digital image processing (Photoshop) (6 CFA)
  • Multimedia Design (4 CFA) *
  • Sound-space design (6 CFA)
  • Interactive Systems (6 CFA)
  • Set design for video games I (story board) (4 CFA)
  • Digital animation techniques I (4 CFA)
  • Filming techniques (6 CFA)

III Year

  • Computer Games II (Unity II) (8 CFA)
  • Set design for video games II (story board) (8 CFA)
  • Sound Design (8 CFA)
  • New integrated media techniques (8 CFA)
  • Digital animation techniques II - Video animation (8 CFA)
  • 3D Digital Modeling Techniques II (Maya) (8 CFA)
  • Work placement activity - project (8 CFA)
  • Final test (4 CFA)



Job perspectives

digital artist, game designer, sound designer

The outgoing professional figure is a creative talent able in the multimedia productions using both real and virtual sources (filming or 3D modelling and animation) which can be completely integrated in production process for advertisement spots or cinema productions. The professional has also the knowledges and abilities to realize interactive projects for experimental research in the digital art, new media and game design fields. The graduated, will have the basic competences to be spent in the professional ambits of the sound design, the interaction design, the applicable home automation, the realization of interactive systems and multimedia museum and exhibition spaces, the web design and other virtual spaces able to influence lifestyle and/or determines new way of access to the symbolic value of the cultural and consumption goods.

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INSIDE MY LAPTOP "In The Cloud" - VIII edition 16/02/21

INSIDE MY LAPTOP "In The Cloud" - VIII edition

Inside my laptop - In The Cloud, it comes to life from the projects carried out by the 1st year students of the New Technologies of Art's School of SantaGiulia Fine Arts Academy, coordinated by professor Marco Cadioli. A digital cloud, which would so much like to be a real cloud, of thoughts th...
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