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Creative Web Specialist

Creative web specialist, web designer, net manager, web brand designer, social media manager

Characteristics of the course of study

Digital communication via the web, designing and creating websites and web products, images, and online communication.
The two-year course in Creative Web Specialist trains professionals with adequate technical-operational design training and an approach to creative design, the result of academic training. The heart of the training is linked to technological innovation, seen as the ability to promote new ways of accessing products and content (websites, e-commerce), new lifestyles, and new sustainable consumption models. The student will acquire a technical language in English, knowledge necessary for acquiring the terminology of the world of web communication.

I Year

  • Art Direction I (10 CFA)
  • Brand Design I (10 CFA)
  • Communication ethics (6 CFA)
  • English (6 CFA) *
  • Digital animation techniques (6 CFA)
  • Digital technologies and applications (12 CFA)
  • Web Design I (OOP and MVC) (10 CFA)

II Year

  • Art Direction II (10 CFA)
  • Brand Design II (10 CFA)
  • Advertising Communication (10 CFA)
  • Copy writing (6 CFA)
  • Web Design II (6 CFA)
  • Choice course (6 CFA)
  • Thesis (12 CFA)



Course Goals

The educational objective of the Creative web Specialist course is to define communication and design specialists who know how to move in the web world with awareness, taking into account the aesthetics, efficiency, and functionality of a web project. The study plan structured over two years allows the student to acquire skills that make him able to create websites, e-commerce systems, collaborative systems, net-marketing policies. This wisely combines image, social media, and marketing strategy necessary for their positioning, including analyzing competitors and optimizing systems and web campaigns.

Job perspectives

Creative web specialist, web designer, net manager, web brand designer, social media manager

The profile coming out of the two years of Creative web Specialist is that of a web "environment" specialist, understood both as design and digital communication. The web designer can master computer and graphic-artistic techniques (Creative suite package, 3D rendering, telematics platforms, web design, SEO, net-communication, social marketing, etc.) to design and create the image and online communication of different types. The professional can manage institutional communication processes to enhance services, products, and consumer goods.

Accademia SantaGiulia - Vincenzo Foppa Società Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS - Via Cremona, 99 - 25124 Brescia
Num. Iscr. Reg. delle Imprese di Brescia e partita IVA: 02049080175 - R.E.A. 291386 - CAP. SOC. Euro 25.148,68