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Digital artistic animator

3D digital modeler and animator, game artist, digital artist, media designer, videomaker, designer of interactive works, video installation creator

Characteristics of the course of study

3D modeling and animation, game assets, video games and special effects, virtual reality and experimentation; words that refer to the Metaverse as an optimal environment in which to make everything converge and which in fact constitute the backbone of this course that aims at strengthening skills and knowledge in the 3D field (Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine) and develops new and further knowledge by strengthening then the techniques of 3D production for the creation of models and digital animations useful in various real or "virtual" artistic environments (commercial, music video clips, cinema, videogames). The student of the two-year specialist course in Digital Artistic Animator can then follow a personal path that consolidates these aspects. At the same time, through the network of collaborations in the area, the institution will propose the development of projects with research lines that exploit gamification also for different purposes (research and enhancement, for example) and in support of study groups. These projects may become the subject of the degree thesis, which in the two years requires, in addition to a theoretical and cultural approach, an all-around design development for the design of a video game - important for enriching the portfolio to be presented to companies.

I Year

  • Digital choreography (6 CFA)
  • Direction of photography (6 CFA)
  • Aesthetics of visual arts (6 CFA) *
  • Interaction design I (10 CFA)
  • Screenplay for video games (10 CFA)
  • Digital animation techniques (12 CFA)
  • Video game techniques and methodologies (10 CFA)

II Year

  • Phenomenology of contemporary arts (6 CFA)
  • Interaction design II (10 CFA)
  • Software art (6 CFA)
  • Directed for video games (10 CFA)
  • Video editing (10 CFA)
  • Choice course (6 CFA)
  • Thesis (12 CFA)



Course Goals

The course aims to train professionals with production skills for animation, modeling, visual effects, and 3D rendering in real and virtual environments. The II level graduate specialist of the School of New Technologies of the Art will acquire an accurate and in-depth cultural and technical- operational knowledge of the methods of application of new technologies in the field of animation for commercial (commercial, cinema, TV), recreational ( videogames and interactive paths) and artistic ones (computer art and digital art).

Job perspectives

3D digital modeler and animator, game artist, digital artist, media designer, videomaker, designer of interactive works, video installation creator

The 3D digital modeler and animator have skills and knowledge to create digital products through software that experiment with new virtual reality models. The Digital Artistic Animator expresses his creativity by creating 3D modeling and animation, computer graphics, digital art, advertising for different mediums, but above all, the design and creation of video games.

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