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Set Design

Production designer, set designer, lighting designer, digital creator live events and performances

Characteristics of the course of study

The course aims to assure skills and knowledges addressed at training experts that can work in the fields of set designing, able to design a stage space for the opera theater, drama theater and for dance sets. Acquiring a rigorous and effective method of set designing, will enable the graduate to possess all the tools and basic technical knowledges required for dealing with the creation of a space for the show, to be aware of his role and specific responsibilities in relation to other artistic figures and techniques that rotate around staging and with which he will necessarily have to collaborate. In addition, the acquisition of the ability for critical analysis will allow, in the creative process, to formulate a meaningful aesthetic world capable of sustaining a constructive dialogue with the concepts and interpretation given by the director, the playwright or by the choreographer.

I Year

  • Digital image processing (Photoshop) (5 CFA)
  • Fundamentals of computer design (Autocad) (5 CFA)
  • English (4 CFA)
  • Scenography I (12 CFA)
  • Set design technology (8 CFA)
  • History of costume I (6 CFA)
  • History of ancient art (6 CFA)
  • History of medieval art (6 CFA)
  • History of Show Business I (6 CFA)

II Year

  • Digital Video (4 CFA)
  • Photography (6 CFA)
  • Body expression laboratory and performative techniques (2 CFA)
  • Modeling (8 CFA)
  • Practice and Culture of the show (2 CFA)
  • Scenography II (12 CFA)
  • History of costume II (6 CFA)
  • History of modern art (6 CFA)
  • History of music and musical theater (8 CFA)
  • History of Show Business II (6 CFA)

III Year

  • Lighting technology (5 CFA)
  • Practice and Culture of the Television and Film Show (SC3) (2 CFA)
  • Sound-space design (6 CFA)
  • Directing (2 CFA)
  • Scenography III (12 CFA)
  • Scenography for television (5 CFA)
  • History of cinema and video (6 CFA)
  • Contemporary art History (6 CFA)
  • History of contemporary music (3 CFA)
  • History of Show Business III (6 CFA)
  • Performance techniques for visual arts (3 CFA)
  • Final test (4 CFA)


Job perspectives

production designer, set designer, lighting designer, digital creator live events and performances

The outgoing professionl figure can start to create his own professional career, checking out the direct collaboration with directors, coreographers, art directors, suggesting himself to the production and theater institutions in the show ambit as assistant or collaborator for the technical management staff, for the scenographers building all the setting phases in the laboratories, for the stage technician during the show assembly phases or as assistant during the creative and planning show phase. The abstract-technical acquired method, will give the possibility to the graduates to operate as well in different ambits such as the interior design, photo and video sets, exhibition setting up, shop windows, stands, events setting up, concerts, contemporary art performances and all the ambits in which the “emotional” space becomes fundamental expressive element for artistic and economic purposes.

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SantaGiulia Academy with ITS Machina Lonati goes to Cidneon 2019 08/02/19

SantaGiulia Academy with ITS Machina Lonati goes to Cidneon 2019

For the second year in a row the Academy of Fine Arts SantaGiulia of Brescia participates in CidneON, the International Lights Festival, which confirms as location our Castle from 8th to 16th February 2019. In the 2019 edition, Accademia SantaGiulia collaborates with ITS Machina Lonati, a Fashion S...
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