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Artistic Decoration

Interior, Ubran and landscape designer

Characteristics of the course of study

The course aims to assure a concrete strengthening of the practical aspects connected with the visual image and the aesthetic decorative elements. The experimental laboratories, even thanks to the collaboration with professionals and specific companies, develop competences in the decoration ambit (also in connection with the role that it has in contemporary art and strategically in the optic of the professional operative cross-cultural competences) with particular attention to a more fixed and definitive interventions both in the public or private ambits. Particular attention is dedicated to the managing of different sensory channels, such as illuminating engineering and sound design; it is also introduced a design competence connected with the 3D modelling and animation.

I Year

  • Decoration I (10 CFA)
  • Contemporary art languages (6 CFA)
  • Methods and techniques of contemporary sacred decoration (10 CFA)
  • Design methodology (12 CFA)
  • Sound-space design (6 CFA)
  • History of decoration I (6 CFA)
  • Techniques and technologies of decoration I (10 CFA)

II Year

  • Decoration II (10 CFA)
  • Psychology of art (6 CFA)
  • History of Applied Arts (6 CFA)
  • Techniques and technologies of decoration II (10 CFA)
  • Contemporary plastic techniques (Land art) (10 CFA)
  • Choice course (6 CFA)
  • Thesis (12 CFA)


Job perspectives

interior designer, urban designer, landscape designer

The outgoing professional figure is a Decorator with integrative competences referred to the design creativity and the methodological executive procedures, finalized to manage interventions where it is necessary the problem solving both in the aesthetic or concrete way. At the end of the study period, the Decorator is able to work in the planning contest for building renovation, conservation and reproduction of artifacts or artistic goods not considered cultural heritage.

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