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Graphic design

Graphic designer, brand designer, illustrator

Characteristics of the course of study

Design and graphics, Visual communication and solid foundations of the history of art, Printing and publishing.
The Graphic Design course investigates the cultural, design, and graphic aspects through which visual communication develops; it intends to provide them with the skills to operate in graphic design, advertising, and editorial graphics. The course combines an essential artistic-cultural preparation, addressing the more traditional graphic part (brand design, corporate identity, layout, illustration, packaging, printing techniques) associated with the multimedia graphics (e-books and user interfaces). It also analyzes the approach to creative writing functional to the communication of the product or service.

I Year

  • Digital technologies and applications I (5 CFA)
  • Computer Graphic I (5 CFA)
  • History of drawing and art graphics (6 CFA - T)
  • Digital image processing I (5 CFA)
  • Fundamentals of computer science (4 CFA)
  • Photography I (6 CFA)
  • Graphic Design I (5 CFA)
  • Illustration (6 CFA)
  • English (4 CFA)
  • Brand Design Laboratory (4 CFA)
  • Lettering I (4 CFA)
  • History of graphic design (6 CFA)

II Year

  • Digital technologies and applications II (Illustrator) (6 CFA)
  • Computer Graphic II (InDesign) (5 CFA)
  • Digital image processing II (Photoshop) (5 CFA)
  • Digital Photography (4 CFA)
  • Graphic Design II (4 CFA)
  • Lettering II - Typedesign (4 CFA)
  • History of modern art (6 CFA)
  • Graphics techniques and technologies (5 CFA)
  • Visual communication design methodology (4 CFA)
  • Theory of perception and psychology of the form (6 CFA)
  • Digital printing techniques and technologies I (6 CFA)
  • Web Design I (5 CFA) *

III Year

  • Mass media theory and method (6 CFA - T)
  • Computer Graphic - multimedial graphic (7 CFA - TP)
  • Digital Video (5 CFA)
  • Graphic Design III (4 CFA)
  • Creative writing (4 CFA)
  • Psycho-sociology of cultural consumption (4 CFA)
  • 3D Rendering (5 CFA)
  • Contemporary art History (6 CFA)
  • Digital Printing Techniques and Technologies II (4 CFA)
  • Web design II (5 CFA) *
  • Training internship (4 CFA)
  • Final test (6 CFA)



Course Goals

The educational objective of the Graphic Design Course is to ensure skills and knowledge intended to train professional figures operating in the field of graphic design, design of visual communication, and editorial and multimedia graphics. In this way, we try to answer the demand for a complex production system that requires adequately specialized operators in artistic creativity and the management of new digital technologies and equipped with a solid basic artistic-cultural training. The courses are characterized by a close relationship with the world of work: planning and implementing institutional communication for public bodies, companies, and non-governmental associations of social volunteering.

Job perspectives

graphic designer, brand designer, illustrator

The professional profile coming out of the Graphic Design course is that of a Graphic designer who can work independently or in a team within communication agencies and creative agencies. The study also lays the foundations for training a visual communication professional who can apply his creativity in the communication offices of companies in the most varied sectors.

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