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Monumental Public Sculpture

Monumental and environmental sculptor, visual artist

Characteristics of the course of study

Become a sculptor by experimenting with materials, techniques, and new technologies, aiming to develop your style that matches the client's taste.
The Monumental Public Sculpture course contributes to strengthening the skills acquired in the three-year period of Sculpture (or Painting) and allows the student to define their artistic language. During the specialist two-year period, the student deals with sculpture both from a cultural and operational point of view: the contextualization in the contemporary of this creative gesture requires particular attention to the use of different materials and techniques and to a design phase that can express itself both through traditional drawing and using 3D design techniques. The teaching plan of the course follows the natural and necessary maturation times aimed at one's professional artistic research, favored by the presence of a small and selected number of students.

I Year

  • Phenomenology of the image (6 CFA)
  • Project management for sculpture (6 CFA) *
  • Sculpture I (10 CFA)
  • Techniques for marble and hard stones I (12 CFA)
  • Techniques for sculpture I (10 CFA)
  • Theory of perception and psychology of the form (6 CFA)
  • Latest trends in visual arts (10 CFA)

II Year

  • Phenomenology of contemporary arts (6 CFA)
  • Contemporary expressive problems (6 CFA)
  • Sculpture II (10 CFA)
  • Foundry techniques (10 CFA)
  • Sculpture Techniques II (10 CFA)
  • Choice course (6 CFA)
  • Thesis (12 CFA)



Course Goals

The educational objective of the Monumental Public Sculpture Course is to ensure a strong enhancement of language and artistic practices in the field of sculptural representation. Through the consistent development of skills relating to managing the three-dimensional artwork, working with different materials and technologies, from marble to iron, to wood, to installation multimedia. Established artists of the sector manage the implementation activities of the address. They are organized in strict reference to the concrete dynamics of artistic experimentation in synergy with public bodies, museums, galleries, and art awards. The course aims to develop attitudes to individual research in the main sectors of contemporary monumental sculpture: installations, plastic forms, site-specific art, virtual systems.

Job perspectives

monumental and environmental sculptor, visual artist

The monumental or environmental sculptor is a 360 ° sculptor who knows how to design, create and "visualize" the work in the final exhibition environment. The artist leaving the Monumental Public Sculpture course has a marked aptitude for research, awareness of the practices, even the most technological, and the dynamics of the system and the contemporary art market. In addition to taking part in research projects and exhibitions in the fields of visual arts and public art, the sculptor will have acquired basic skills that can be used on a professional level to relate to public and private clients.

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