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Lə - video festival

Curated by the class of Multimedia design, Second level Degree of Art communication and didactics

SantaGiulia Fine Arts Academy

Lə - video festival is an open call for artists of the international contemporary scene that researches, through the artistic language, the concept of feminine, its potentials and its perception in the current social context. Lə explores the feminine as an idea that is not only related to women, but as a facet of human existence. It is a peculiarity that can be identified in every aspect of life regardless of the genre, that stimulates freer perceptions and encourages several visions and interpretations.

Lə has been conceived and curated by 14 students of the Second Level Degree of Art Communication and Didactics of the Academy of Fine Arts SantaGiulia in Brescia, attending the class of Multimedia Design taught by professor Alessandro Mancassola. Each of them, with their own thinking and imagination is going to create a prologue for the selected productions that will be presented individually during the festival days.
The title  comes from the crasis between the feminine plural article of the Italian language with the schwa, mid vowel of neutral meaning. The tacit phonetic symbol, /ə/, encloses in itself a rich semantic density that emphasizes and reflects the infinite aspects that the theme includes and that the festival would like to express. The call for artists is to observe, comprehend, and highlight these shades.

14 artists, 14 videos, 14 curators, 14 days in which the kaleidoscopic essence of feminine becomes image through the artistic language of Lə - video festival.

Deadline_ 8 June 2021

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Accademia SantaGiulia - Vincenzo Foppa Società Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS - Via Cremona, 99 - 25124 Brescia
Num. Iscr. Reg. delle Imprese di Brescia e partita IVA: 02049080175 - R.E.A. 291386 - CAP. SOC. Euro 25.148,68