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Valentina Rossi guest at the Academy SantaGiulia

On 13th December at the lesson of Museology of Contemporary with her studies and experience

SantaGiulia Fine Arts Academy

Valentina Rossi is a esearcher in the exhibition and curatorial field and writer of the book published "Tate Modern. Exhibition Practices"

Valentina Rossi, PhD in History of Art and Performing Arts at the University of Parma (Italy), independent and historical art curator, will be a guest Friday 13rd December 2019 of the lesson of Prof. Elisabetta Modena Museologia del Contemporaneo.

In 2019 two of his volumes were published: Tate Modern. Exhibition practices (postmedia book, Milan) and Nouvelles Flâneries (Silvana Editoriale, Milan).

Starting from the first of the two volumes, the study will be presented in the classroom - to the students of the two-year specialized degree in Communication and Teaching of Art - in an attempt to redefine some exhibition practices that over time have led to the new thematic reorganization of the Tate Modern collection (London), which inaugurates with a new exhibition approach at the beginning of the new millennium, which returns the heritage thematically, thus abandoning the traditional chronological criterion.
Analyzing the meaning of this operation means contextualizing it within the history of exhibitions, curatorial practices and the museum, an institution that over the years has experienced different phases of analysis and reading by art historians and artists. What characterizes the museum is in fact its heterogeneous nature, composed of factors that over the years have been borrowed in relation to the historical, artistic and social context. [...]

The guest's intervention is fully integrated into the teaching of the Museology of Contemporary course whose aim is to analyze the "functions" of the museum in the contemporary world in relation to the current cultural and social context with particular attention to the museum of contemporary art through an analysis of the problems of the museum and museology in recent decades.


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