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Super Green Pass: the rules in the white, yellow, orange and red areas.

From 6 December 2021


From Monday 6 December 2021, the Super Green pass comes into in effect, the "strengthened" certification issued only to vaccinated and recovered from Covid-19. Here's how the rules change depending on the risk range and the pass you have.

The Super Green pass was approved on November 24 by the Council of Ministers and the decree was published on the 27th in the Official Gazette. The pass is intended exclusively for those who are vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19. It is valid for 9 months from the last dose received. This new pass must not be downloaded: those who already have the "basic" green pass as vaccinated or recovered will already be valid automatically, enhanced as a "Super Green pass".

The Super Green pass will in fact establish a different track of rules for vaccinated or recovered and those who, on the other hand, are not vaccinated and can continue to obtain the "basic" green pass with a negative swab (which is valid for 72 hours, in the case of molecular, or 48 hours, if antigenic).

WHITE ZONE – So the rules change in according to risk-color zones. The activities are all open in the white area  and there are no restrictions on movement. It remains the obligation to wear the mask indoors. You can take airplanes, public transport and transport such as high-speed trains with the “basic Green Pass” in the white area and you can go to outdoor restaurants and ski resorts, enter hotels and changing rooms, attend swimming pools and gyms. People have the Super Green pass can also access cinemas, theaters, indoor restaurants, stadiums, discos, parties and public ceremonies. 

YELLOW AREA - In this color zone, an outdoor mask remains mandatory and in indoor restaurants there can be a maximum of four people per table. Only those with the Super Green pass can avoid this limitation on the number of people at the table in indoor restaurants. And with this pass you can go to the disco.
ORANGE AREA - All activities remain open. Those for which the closure was scheduled until 6 December will instead be open and accessible only for Super Green pass holders. In this color area  it is forbidden to leave the Municipality of residence, except for reasons of work, necessity or urgency. Now, however, this rule only applies to those who do not have the "enhanced" pass. Those with only the "basic" Green pass cannot access the restaurants and can only take take-away food. Instead, Super Green pass holders can go to bars, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, theaters, spas, fairs, amusement parks, ski lifts. And you can also move without constraints between different municipalities and regions.

RED ZONE - It is the only type of color in which the prohibitions apply to everyone, regardless of the pass you have. Closed bars and restaurants (take-away and home delivery allowed), closed shops except essential ones. Prohibition to leave the municipality of residence except for proven reasons of work, necessity, urgency. 


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