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The Plus of Erasmus project: Talents Match on 22/6 at h. 15.30


The + of Erasmus' Talents Match's goal is to improve the employability of Erasmus + students, helping them to exploit unique opportunities and showing recruiters the professional and personal skills acquired during their international experiences. On June 22, 2021, 6 different companies will be invited to a virtual room with international talents and Italian exchange students to do a "blind interview": the recruiters will have no information on the candidates and the young people will have 10 minutes to convince the recruiter to call them back for a full job interview. An acoustic signal will warn them that the time is up. This initiative follows the format of the garagErasmus International Talents Match, launched by our Foundation in 2018. It is part of the THE + OF ERASMUS project, created by the garagErasmus Foundation and Erasmus + INDIRE in order to ensure that the next generation of the future of Europeans is not deeply affected by all restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Registrations can be made by June 16, 2021 by clicking HERE 



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